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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dodge Truck

                                   91' DODGE TRUCK   ~   $5200.00   OBO

This 91' Dodge has a Cummings Diesel and a flat bed for hauling hay or anything else your Farm needs

Saturn Ion

                                                 06' SATURN ION  ~  $7500.00 OBO    
     This car has low miles very very clean car GREAT PRICE!  Come see it and take a ride.
                        This car has been threw our used car inspection and has a perfect rating.
Gas milage cant be BEAT!

Dodge Status

                                                  99'  DODGE STATUS   $900.00  OBO
This car came in with a couple minor issues , Now its fixed and will make a great car for your family . Dodge has made some good cars and this one is reliable!

Act now will move FAST! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Warner Motor was also known as Warner Motor Ford-Mercury,We were a new car Ford dealership for 95 years,We now have a lot full of lightly used cars for sale.At our used car location we have a full service department, Auto repairshop and Towing service,Warner Motor prides its self with quality used cars at a very low price.We believe in selling more cars at a better price then a couple cars at a high price.