Located in 70 n Main st

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Warner Motor was also known as Warner Motor Ford-Mercury,We were a new car Ford dealership for 95 years,We now have a lot full of lightly used cars for sale.At our used car location we have a full service department, Auto repairshop and Towing service,Warner Motor prides its self with quality used cars at a very low price.We believe in selling more cars at a better price then a couple cars at a high price.


  1. I know a few guys who purchased cars off tradecarview and I 've learnt good scuttlebutts from them. As I realize it, most of the cars purchasable are from dealers as fought to auction off indeed anticipate to pay slenderly more. Suggest you take some time to critique both itineraries in terms of value for money.

  2. Thanks for this, now I know where will I buy this a good quality used car for sale. I need to save my money because I am not sure if there was a defect on that car so that I can have a money for preparation.

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